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In her own literary work, she created a new routine of publication, publishing weekly chronicles since 2006, texts that go well beyond autobiographical, where she analyzes with humor and acid criticism the main events in Brazil and in the world, with a strong political bias.Her subject matter is the woman, often the Jewish woman, inserted into the contemporary daily life, with all its demands and nuances.Other titles include the novel No Degrees of Separation, based upon material originally written in English when Noga met Alan, an American born in Boston.The upcoming English version will certainly offer a fresh verve, greatly differing from the Portuguese original and constituting an entirely new piece.Having published the first Brazilian e-book (, a bilingual book of poems by Thereza Rocque da Motta, Noga was crucial in this process; and KBR (now an American LLC) remains today as the leader of the segment in Amazon Brazil, where the company made several best sellers.

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In January 2016, she published her first book self-translated into English.

She started to dedicate herself to literature after publishing her first book, in the year 2000 — Fases da Lua, by Editora Madras, later republished by KBR as Eu, xamã — in which she recounts her experiences as a shaman and a New Age activist.

It was the beginning of her original style, “self-radiography,” better advertised as “autobiographical fiction,” a genre that she practices until today.

Além de forte conteúdo sexual, o livro tem também um marcante componente judaico, tendo sido apelidado pela escritora e psicanalista Ana Cecília Carvalho um "Cântico dos Cânticos" moderno.

Seguiram-se os livros de crônicas Santa Molly (Um diário de bordo do Ulysses, de James Joyce) -- publicado inicialmente pela Ibis Libris sob o nome O gozo de Ulysses -- e Hoje não quero chorar, já publicado originalmente pela KBR.

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