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The data plate will contain information such as your stove's brand, model name and model code.

It will also indicate the stove's expected heat output Once you have this information to hand we suggest you try searching for the model code using the search bar above.

Most of these terms also apply to traditional power plants.

The image to the right shows an inset stove with this cover already removed. Protect yourself from burns by wearing suitable gloves or wait until the appliance is unlit and cold.

The data plate for these stoves is located on the lower right hand side of the stove. Protect yourself from burns by wearing suitable gloves or wait until the appliance is extinguished and cold.

Villager stoves are being comprehensively redesigned with the updated models featuring larger viewing windows, tertiary air (making them better suited for woodburning) and an overall cleaner, simpler design.

Visit our Villager multifuel stoves page, or click on the picture for more details Villager wood burning stoves have generous sized fireboxes and, like the rest of the Villager range, are well made here in the UK and designed to work hard on a variety of chimneys.

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