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I'll be running with my Abba and Granny in mind, and your support will be helpful with each mile.

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More than 40 students in Israel introduced themselves in the wiki discussion, describing their name, family, hobbies, and answering the question of whether they would be willing to "change" their name in order to fit into a new group of friends, an important one for adolescents entering high school.

How could people remain human under inhuman conditions? What can we do today as Jews in America and in Israel in light of the way America and Palestine responded to the holocaust? What are proper ways of commemorating the Holocaust?

Talking to each other via Skype, students were able to form one global classroom as they shared their thoughts. Tikvah Wiener were facilitating this discussion from Frisch and Mrs.

We are looking forward to continuing our many twinning programs as we transform our global community into a global village with a single classroom through the help of technology.

We provide the private investigation services in Eastern Europe and Asia since 1993.

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