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Ms Dragescu also had a passion for literature and ran her own website, Knowledge Is Our Duty, to encourage people to enjoy reading, poetry, science and the arts.

She posted poems that she had written, under the name Lydia Black, including one titled 'Claudia' which spoke of a 'kind soul above all others'.

'She loved God, when she came into a room all eyes were on her, but she did not have any friends.

'If only someone could tell me why, but I still feel her, she is still with us, she can't leave us.' In her first letter addressed to her mother, tragic Lidia wrote: 'Mum I am really sorry for upsetting you in this way.

'She was fascinated by criminal minds and what they think.

Lidia was very strong and she did a lot for herself.

'She never usually missed a call or a message from me. 'She had been researching the San Francisco killer, the Zodiac Killer and she had been reading a lot of Dan Brown.

'She told me, I am doing this for myself in her note.

'She was holding these two letters and the police gave them to me when they arrived, they said she fell backwards.

'It would be natural to be upset but do not be for me, I am better now, in a better place. 'All of the past and the present it makes my head heavy. 'I am sorry I care but I need to escape and I cannot wait to see what is on the other side.

'It will be very difficult without me for a time but after this you will be okay. 'I love you all remain well and I will see you when you are old. Thank you for everything.' Earlier today, her loved ones paid tribute to the 'outstanding student' and 'talented figure skater' and said the world had been a 'bad place' for her to live in.

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