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These benefits can help your student start smart by not being saddle with excess costs when using his or her first credit card.

Budgeting and Financial Management Credit cards come with new responsibilities but they also offer good financial practice.

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A credit card is a rite of passage for college students, but did you know some cards are specifically designed with college students in mind?

College students are a big target for credit card companies.

However, with the right attitude and strategy, your student can receive many benefits from a credit card as a new consumer in the spending world.

First, small purchases keep the available credit higher, and that’s a positive mark on a credit report.Second, making frequent payments to keep the balance at zero or just above zero shows that your student “pays as agreed” on his or her report.Low Interest and No Annual Fee Many credit card companies that offer deals with a zero percent introductory offer and zero annual fees.If you pay on time, you can boost your cash back to a total of 1.25% for that month.After you make your first 5 monthly payments on time, you may get access to a higher credit line. Citi Thank You® Preferred Card for College Students offers 2,500 bonus points after you spend 0 within the first three months of opening your account.

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