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Who knows whether primetime audiences used to a diet of histrionic, contrived dating shows can adapt to something so relaxed and restrained.

Principal Members: Herb Alpert (born Herbert Alpert, March 31, 1935, Los Angeles, CA): trumpet, lead and backing vocals Tonni Kalash (born June 15, 1937, San Francisco, CA; died May 15, 2001, Los Angeles, CA): trumpet Bob Edmondson (born March 5, 1935, Los Angeles, CA): trombone John Pisano (born February 6, 1931, Staten Island, NY): guitar Lou Pagani: piano Pat Senatore (born August 19, 1935, Newark, NJ): bass Nick Ceroli (born December 22, 1939, Niles, OH; died August 11, 1985, Los Angeles, CA): drums Early years: The story of the Tijuana Brass is largely the story of Herb Alpert, the famed jazz-pop trumpeter who assembled them as his live and sometimes studio band.

A word-of-mouth success, the show gradually became one of the Channel 4 network’s flagship hits; 69 episodes, including several celebrity specials, have aired since.

Later years: Herb continued in this vein until 1974, recording various incarnations of the Tijuana Brass and augmenting them with Los Angeles' famed "Wrecking Crew" sessions musicians.Having released "Bull" with the name "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass," he set about finding musicians for his fictional band.His 1965 album Whipped Cream and Other Delights became a landmark in the adult contemporary field, defining the sound for the decade. In 1967, Herb actually sang again, performing Burt Bacharach's "This Guy's in Love With You" on a Tijuana Brass TV special.After seeing a mariachi band at a bullfight in nearby Tijuana, Mexico, he revamped the tune to match the style, and dubbed the result "The Lonely Bull." Alpert had already formed his own label, Carnival Records, with partner Jerry Moss, and had released a vocal solo single as Dore Alpert; he used this label, later renamed A&M, to release the new single.It was an instant hit, and both Alpert's career and the label's took off.

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