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Presents may be completely thoughtless, given unwrapped, and cheap. Again, a boyfriend does not have to be blowing hundreds of dollars on fancy restaurants, but he should at least be making the effort to have a romantic dinner with you once in a while, even if it's at the downtown pizza joint.3. Unless you are married or living together and equally splitting bills (which I don't recommend), a man should not be asking you to borrow money EVER, especially if he has a job.

While not all men have the financial ability to shower their girlfriend with wonderful gifts, it is usually pretty obvious when a man gives a present just so that he can say that he did. In my opinion, neither partner should ever ask to borrow money during the dating phase of the relationship, as both of you should be striving to prove that you can independently function and support yourselves while also functioning as a couple.

No one is perfect, so you will probably have a red flag or two with just about any guy. We all have different tolerance levels; one woman's red flag is another woman's deal-breaker and a third woman's non-issue.

It's when you start having four, five, eight, ten red flags that you need to think very hard about where your relationship can go.

Amy thought she had met the man of her dreams when she started chatting with Brian online.

Their connection started over conversations on Facebook; he lived in California and she was based on the East Coast.

S&LF: How often should a woman contribute financially to the cost of dating a man? Offer to treat him to dinner or, better yet, cook him dinner but not when it puts her financial life and that of her children, in jeopardy. And to believe otherwise is tragic and sends toxic beliefs to our children.Many women report that they find these requests a turn off and a signal that this man cannot provide for himself.Unfortunately, some women do not feel that they have the right to say “no” and fear losing a man that they never had…and don’t recognize that the only currency that connects them is money.S&LF: You say you women should not lend/give money to men they are dating. SL: The transfer of money can complicate relationships and the lending/giving intent that women have when it comes to men that they love often backfires.For example, some women will sacrifice her financial security by trying to buy a man’s love.

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