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Parties may choose to formally separate their lives but remain married for religious or other personal reasons (i.e., maintain medical insurance, qualify for derivative social security benefits).Both parties must agree to a request for legal separation.A nullity of marriage (sometimes referred to as an annulment) is rarely used.If the judge grants a nullity of marriage, it is as if the marriage never legally existed and restores the parties to the status of unmarried persons.There can be situations where both parties reside in California for at least six (6) months but they lived in different counties for the last three (3) months.In this situation, a party can elect to file in either county.For more information click on Family Law Facilitator's Office.There are three different ways to terminate a marriage.

This website is a free online dating site which means you should be aware about Dating Scam.If another member asks you to send money or to pay for agency, translation or any other services - please report one immediately!This is known as free online dating SCAM and is strictly prohibited on our website.Once the application and agreement has been approved, you will be contacted and additional information will be provided.Family Law is the general term used to refer to the various actions regarding marital relationships and relationships between parents and children, as well as violence between family, friends or acquaintances.

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