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It might work, too, as it ticks a lot of the boxes that make viral successes out of other games.I haven't played it yet, but I've been reading some online reactions.It has a multi-layered and relatively complex upgrade structure, something I couldn't recreate without booting up Generations on my 3DS and checking comparable menus; at that point I may as well just play Generations.

Yet here is Yoshiki of X Japan finally sitting down with Fuse at nearly am after he and his band played a three-plus-hour concert at England's famous Wembley Arena, held a meet-and-greet with a truckload of fans, sat down to speak to Japanese reporters in town, held an on-camera interview with Reuters, and is now getting a chance to relax and talk with only a crew member recording our chat with a handheld video camera. In 2011, we played O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire and we toured Europe in venues that weren't much bigger. " and that "we" includes the fans, it's not just the members. Not only from Japanese fans, I read messages on Twitter from fans around the world, whether they're from the U.

Chronicling the band’s exhilarating, tumultuous and unimaginable history over the past three decades––persevering through personal, physical and spiritual heartache––the film culminates with preparations for their breathtaking reunion concert at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden.

For most artists, playing your biggest-ever arena concert in Europe would be enough. Can you think of a better way to spend your birthday? Blige is all smiles as she receives her well-deserved Hollywood Walk of Fame star today.

Just as the 'main series' of the IP hopped from Sony hardware to the Wii and then 3DS years ago (with one Wii U entry, too), it's now jumping back to the so-called 'current-gen' hardware of PS4, Xbox One, PC in early 2018.

Monster Hunter: World is a notable departure for the series - yes, it has many of the same moves and ideas, but in adopting a more open world, drop in-out online co-op and a revamped visual style the strategy is obvious - hit the mainstream, especially in the West.

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