Javascript validating imput from prompts

For these questions, you probably want to remember what the user answered previously and use that answer as the new Providing a default value will prevent the user from returning any empty answers.

If you're only looking to store data without being directly tied to the prompt, make sure to checkout the Yeoman storage documentation.

Since they aren't copied, any changes to the globals will propogate through to each validation form on the page.

These options can be changed using the Configure API above.

Useful for checking the combined result of a set of fields, such as a date range.

Group validations are in the following format: name[.scope][#id][(args ...)] Try it out here: The form specific options prototypically inherit from the global options.To allow for this flexibility, Yeoman provides a set of user interface element abstractions.It is your responsibility as an author to only use those abstractions when interacting with your end user.If the validation rule you're looking for isn't in the list above, it's easy to create your own custom rule.For example, if for some strange reason, we wanted to check if a field is divible by 3, we can add a new rule Group validations are required when validation depends on two or more fields.

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