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of Winnetka, Ill., sought repayment of .3 million in a 2010 mortgage foreclosure case filed against four Van Den Heuvel companies – Eco Fibre Inc., Custom Paper Products Inc., Partners Concepts Development Inc., and Tissue Products Technology Corp.

The Tax Court, unlike the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), does NOT recognize powers of attorney.), in which petitioner states, if such be the case, that she has read the petition filed June 29, 2017, and ratifies and affirms the filing of said document.

If no such Ratification of Petition is received by that date, the Court may dismiss this case for lack of jurisdiction. William Cornelius, Bay Bancorporation, Bay Bank, Bethany Farms LLC, Bill Bain, Brown County Sheriff's Dept., Bruce King, Bureau of Indian Affairs / BIA, Capt. Sheriff's Investigative Division Director, Cargill Inc., City of Green Bay, City of Green Bay Common Council, Cliffton Equities Inc., Clinton Global Initiative, CPLS Realty Group LLC, Crossgate Partners LLC, Crosskeys Investors, Custom Tissue LLC, Dae Sung LLC, Dan Hawk, Daniel Hilliard, Daniel Platkowski, David J.

Petitioner should note that the Ratification of Petition may NOT be filed electronically. Wolf / JWR Inc., David Van Den Heuvel / President of VHC Inc., Dawn Delabreau-Alt, Die Green LLC, Dioxin, Dr. H., Environmental Protection Agency / EPA, Equity Asset Capital LLC, Equity Asset Finance LLC, Equity Asset Leasing Fund LLC, Equity Finance Leasing Fund LLC, Eric Decator / Counsel & Part-owner Generation Cean Fuels LLC aka Arland Clean Fuels, Eric Decator LLC, Eterna Green Global Corp., Everett Advanced Reclamation Technology HQ LLC / E.

We understand that members of the GTC are concerned regarding events that have occurred in connection with certain Tribe-owned businesses and, more generally, potential malfeasance by Tribal officials, Tribal agents, and others.

We are not in a position to render an opinion on the substance of these concerns, at this stage.

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