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If you had been dating 2-3 weeks and he's pulling off yes I would have said give him some space and let him get back to you, not after 3 months.You have invested enough time into each other to expect an explanation on the change of attitude. i don't unfortunately remember that part of the book.

Whole point is that it's not your job nor should you get caught up in figuring it out. He had an awful thing happen to him that made our earlier dating difficult.

Yes I have noticed that after 'the exclusivity talk' the man will withdraw a little, it usually last 24-48 hours and he springs right back. however, based on real life stories: i know several instances where the guy does come back, really good stories-long lasting relationships and some, of course, where a poof is just a poof.

Only talking for three months or going out on dates those three months? If you were talking three months prior to meeting up, this inevitably happens. From what you said I think you are handling it 100% perfect.

Take care of yourself first and you become the most attractive to him anyway. But all the guys I know who smitten with a girl did NOT suddenly stop texting.

And that includes if he pulls back, well of course you do. I have never hear of a guy or met a guy, personally, who fell hard for a girl and was super into her and yet had to "have space" after 3 MONTHS.

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