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In fact, it wasn’t until 2000 that commonly used colors were red for Republican and blue for Democrat.Though cartograms are a more accurate way to show election results, it’s difficult to escape the need to preserve geography.

That enormous number of votes amounts to just under 28 percent of vote there, and it’s a detail that’s glossed over when that county and the rest of the state are painted blue.

He’s published cartograms of election results since 2004, using software he wrote based on a method he co-invented.

His maps distort state and county geography by population, so small states and urban counties that were outweighed by a sea of red now bulge and hold their own against the more sparsely populated parts of the country.

At the county level, the divide between area and population is magnified.

Six New Jersey counties near New York City accounted for more than a third of all the votes cast in that state.

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