Nunavut dating

But by the end of the second week, every oyster had changed its "cycle" to feed as the Moon peaked at its highest point over their new location.The easiest way to understanding the Moon's effect on Earth's inhabitants is by understanding the fact that all living organisms great and small exhibit alternating cycles of rest and activity.

Each day, the Moon rises and travels across the sky above the horizon just like the sun, peaking at its midpoint before beginning to set.These, in turn, are directly related to the Sun or Moon, or both.For example, humans have a circadian rhythm - we wake shortly after the sun rises, and we fall asleep after sundown. Our bodies respond to changing light levels by producing the hormone melatonin that causes us to become drowsy and fall asleep.This makes them appear about equal in size - and the latest research indicates they're about equal in influence.We now know, for example, that the Earth's crust experiences tides similar to that of oceans.

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