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Issey Miyake uses very unusual and rare materials in order to create perfumes that evoke the sense of timeless freedom and serenity.

The base with the musky-woody blend is well composed too, but bit powerless. As I see many voters voted for the „long lasting” option, but I got only 5-6 hours, with 1-1.5 hours sillage. - sillage is average, longevity is a little bit better, 5-6 hours - safe blind buy Scent (open, top-mid): 9/10 (x2) Scent (drydown, base): 8/10 (x2) Sillage: 5/10 Longevity: 5.5/10 Uniqueness: 9/10 Versatility: 6.5/10 Total: 7.5/10 I have tried this 3/4 times now.

I have to keep trying it because i always forget what it smells like.

Colours of the flacons - light grey and dark grey colour of asphalt make an impression of a union of water and concrete. * Kakaiba talaga yung amoy nya napapalingon lalo ng kapag sumakay ako sa air conditioned na vehicles. It smells nice on paper but doesn't work on my skin.

I was fall in love with this perfume when I smell the sample on GQ magazine. It was very different though when you put it on clothes. After the slight floral scent at the beginning, it dries down to become something musky, a bit of leather, and a bit of furniture polish for me.

3) I get mental images of Japanese rural life, it even reminds me of the "Last Samurai" movie, cascades surrounded by Bamboo, lotions and saunas vapors, with "shakuhachi" (Japanese flute) as a background music, which gives a sacred and peaceful feeling. The bottle is minimalist, beautiful and fairly spiky, only that the atomizer is of dubious quality, it is always twisted and very difficult to cover. However, i recognize that it is not a bad fragrance, great quality and a pleasant drying, only that I enjoy it more on someone else but me.If you think you know what this repulsive smell is, please hit me with a private message. I have found that it layers well with Hannae Morae's HM Eau de Parfum.The two orientals were created at about the same point in time and the bottle presentations are similar, though one has a light box and the other a dark one.A middle note is spicy and woody: nutmeg and water lily are an exciting and unexpected accord in this composition.An end note carries an intense woody scent which is sharp and enriched with tobacco,sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and musk. Two editions in new flacons but with the same compositions were introduced in 2009 - L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme and L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Intense.

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