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Additionally, Alan shares how he dealt with the anxiety and depression that came from the bullying he endured.

How he found his Ladder in the Dark to climb up it to help recover from the long-term effects that bullying can create to recover his self-esteem.

She thought since she “favorited” and “liked” their profiles while searching, they would immediately write to her. We can’t control when men will log on or if they’ll even take the time to view winks, favorites and flirts. Since she met two men in the first week of posting her profile, I think she was getting good results.

I’d rather see someone talk to two quality men with similar interests who they could be compatible with than the opposite.

This doesn’t mean a woman has to be the aggressor and won’t have her man begging to see her again.

Chances are the men will be happy to see your email in their inbox and your date card will start to fill up.

How childhood bullying affects us into our adult years.

In his quest to find answers to what happened in his early life, Alan shares his discoveries of what Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) is. Alan also shares how we must learn to make peace with the past to move forward.

He was eventually assigned to pilot a crane named “Mac” to salvage Allied vehicles and save trapped soldiers.She was a bit relieved and was smart to follow her intuition and not pursue this man. Remember you’re on a dating site and are dating multiple people at a time. Should she be emailing men instead of just liking and favoriting them?When she went on a date with the second man she met online, she thought he was nice and they had a great time. The more often you go on dates, the better dater you become and it narrows down what you’re really looking for. The problem is she wants a guy to pursue her and she assumes they aren’t interested if they don’t respond to the passive likes and favorites.By making this hole and burying these memories, I hoped to forget what had happened to me and move forward with my life. This true and inspirational story of Alan Eisenberg’s life offers a raw and honest portrait of a bullying survivor and takes you on a journey that, in the end, leads to recovery and solutions to help heal from the trauma of the long-term effects of bullying.I covered the hole with a lid and spray-painted the words “ANXIETY and DEPRESSION. The issue of the long-term effects that bullying has on people is brought to life through Alan’s story and how he tried to suppress the childhood trauma brought on by bullying, but finally had to confront it when anxiety, self-esteem issues, and finally depression set in.

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