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Overall, Alicization, while starting off slower compared to Ain Crad, Alf Heim, and Gun Gale Arcs, projects a story far more intriguing and multi-staged with concepts relatable to ourselves and human a manga adaption of the Sword Art Online light novel series by Kawahara Reki.Command lines, which are able to perform “magic” with speech, are known as .Sword Skills, in the society where there is no true conflict, are a demonstration of elegance and power, and are only taught to the Nobles of the society.Personally, I found the Light Novel expressing deeper and more precise ideas in comparison to the anime, so even if you’ve watched the anime, the Light Novel is worth reading! Using these Fluct Lights, Rath is able to recreate human society in a new world, which they call “Project Alicization”.Asuna comments that it was related to Alice in Wonderland.Alicization is the most interesting concept yet, going so far as to explain the concept of a whole new world.

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The ongoing manga is illustrated by Yamada Kōtarō and published on Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE, with a bimonthly release interval.

After a surprising phenomenon between the Blue Rose Sword and the barrier breaking, Administrator hurriedly pushed Eugeo against the wall with a Sacred Art.

Eugeo then went into a defensive stance, just when Chudelkin ran into the room, tailed by a now thawed Kirito and Alice.

However, with the final test coming up in the SAO survivor academy, Kirito decides to quit the job, which can take up to several days of time.

However, soon after they disband from their meeting in cafe, Kazuto and Asuna are confronted by .

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