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DOUBLE DECKER DAVE Mc CALLUM, Outback Country Style - 14. JOHN KILCULLEN, (Instrumental) Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home 17. Bei uns finden Sie Wohnungen und Gewerbeimmobilien in und um Pforzheim.

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GRAHAM RODGER – Middleton Hotel ( Graham Rodger) 5. GRAEME JOHNSON – The Aussie Character (Graeme Johnson) 8. ALISHA SMITH – Warrigal Creek (Alisha Smith & Keith Jamieson) 10. DOUG DAYMAN – Never Was At All (Norma O’Hara Murphy) 13. Jeff Gibson - My Old Cooloolah Home (Wally Brummel) 02. David Croser -Teach Me, Show Me, I Can Do My Part (Helen Croser) 04. MALCOLM DOYLE - Prayin' For Tomorrow (Malcolm Doyle) 3.14 15. MICHEAL PINCOTT - Harry Peut, Western Pioneer (Micheal Pincott & Beryl Imhoff) 22. KEN (CHAINSAW) LINDSAY – Heaven’s Party (Ken Lindsay) 01. Frank Sargent - Bazzas Way (Frank Sargent/Gaylene Faulkner) 10. Graham Butterworth - Just Passing Through (Trevor Day) 12. ZETA BURNS - When We Ploughed The Field (Sel Munt) 3.21 14. Doyle) 9 TERRY BENNETTS Riders Of The Kimberley (T Bennetts) (Duet with Ian Simpson) 10 LORRAINE PFITZNER Call Of The Bellbird (Webb Brothers) 11 PETER COAD Castlereagh Digger (P. Coster) 16 COAD SISTERS Things Are Not The Same On The Land (B. Robertson) 18 REX BALDWIN Treasures That I See (Rex Baldwin) 19 IAN HANDS Yodelling Dianna Milner (K. 1 Dale Duncan (Duet with Dean Perrett) – Back To The Bush Again (D. Chandler - Drive Truckie Drive, Charmaine Pout - Freight Train Yodel, Lex K - A Ringers Vacation, Dusty Page - Curio, Wave Jackson - I'm Proud of What I Am, Ted Thompson - Terry Cahill The Legend, Zeta Burns - Where the Tall Grey Brigalows Grow, Merv Webster - The Ballad of the Blowfly, Dusty Spittle - A Fellow With a Fiddle. NOEL (Poppa) RILEY, Lead Me Down To the Stockyards - 11.

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