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Truly in a class by itself, you will either be fascinated by this film (I was! The magician seems to think that someone is going to end up murdered.Gila von Weitershausen is an old fling of Nero's who tries to get back together with him.

For Defendant: ADDINGTON, DARREL BLAIRFor Defendant: ADAMSON, MATTHEW THOMASFor Defendant: SOKOL, JAN DFor Petitioner: HAGER, LAURIE R.The rant ended with a list of ten reasons why Beyonce is a better performer than Britney Spears, before signing off with: 'Beyonce wins and now that I'm I'm out of here, I win too!!! Case Attorney: CLOUTIER, DARQUISEAssistant Attorney General : GIDEON, CINDY CARRAFor Defendant: CHILDS, MARISHACaseworker : LARSON, CARACase Attorney: EVANSEN, MAGGIE SMITHFor Respondant: COCHRAN, CLAYTON CLEMENTSProse Defendant: JACKSON, FARRELL NEILAtty for Involved Party: GOJIO, GEORGE TIMOTHYProse Defendant: WOOLEY, DARCY KATHLENEFor Petitioner: QUINN, STEVEN PATRICKFor Petitioner: ROTHERNICH, JOHN OSB#071685For Defendant: HOLLAND, JAMES I.Starring Jean-Louis Barrault and Conrad Rooks with William S.Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Ravi Shankar (who performs and provides the score), Paula Pritchett, Ornette Coleman, Swami Satchidananda, Moondog, The Fugs (who very briefly perform), Herv Villechaize and others.

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