Which divas are dating wrestlers

Between then and now, the experience collected, I feel like, 'Okay that would be done a lot different.' But I didn't believe in me.

I did not, up until I think probably a year ago didn't believe in me. When I was really going through this thing when my mom was on the street and stuff, I wanted someone to talk about it with. So my mom kept a diary of her whole experience on the streets.

It was just very violent and a very bad kind of night.

I remember my sister and I not knowing what to do because we shared a room.

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Nine times out of ten, a given wrestler’s personal relationships play little to no role in their wrestling characters.I just remember one night my sister and I in Texas - I think this was one of the last nights we were at my house in Greenville, Texas.My mom, I could hear her crying of like pain or sadness or something and my dad, things were breaking.Until I had to sit with myself and we talked it out and the thing that I realized that I was struggling the most with is I had all these goals, all these things, but I didn't realize that I didn't have a very vivid painted picture of what that land of milk and honey looked like, whereas it would have made the journey and certain things along the journey easier because I would be able to identify them." Seeing herself on : "I was on it and I didn't like the way I came off. Trust me, I have those moments still, but I didn't like everyone else seeing that. It's still kind of uncomfortable because you think there were more wrestling fans because it's my real job, but there's more Diva fans in some cases and all they want to say is, 'Oh my gosh, you and Paige are so nuts! That was horrible because for me I knew that she was giving me a lot of stress and anxiety that I was bringing to work. I love Stu to death, but he was not the kind of relationship partner that I felt comfortable to talk about where I was emotionally and that was something I felt like, 'Well, maybe I'm not worthy, maybe I shouldn't, maybe these emotions aren't right.' It's just who he is. Sleeping in cars, meeting people, doing this, doing that and she kept a diary of it.Not because of their editing, but because of myself. ' Or if I'm at a bar or restaurants, they'll send shots. I think it relates to where I was in that state of mind and I couldn't help but to blame my environment." Her mother living in the streets and her past relationship with Wade Barrett: "My mom was on the street for like three years. I didn't really realize it was having such a huge effect on me. I keep telling her, 'Mom, you got to write this book out.

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    Between then and now, the experience collected, I feel like, 'Okay that would be done a lot different.' But I didn't believe in me.

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