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No shows appeal to me, I'm pretty much going to say that Nickelodeon and Disney are dead dropped and have no ideas.

Every Witch Way is just based on Wizards of Waverly Place, that is the magic though, not the whole show concept. I really wish the old Nickelodeon and Disney shows would come back.

For similar throws, try the Indian Collection (theindiancollection.com).

The Marilyn Monroe artwork is by Russell Young, from Scream (screamlondon.com) Jo wanted a lot of black in her new home in Northwest London – she was inspired by interior design photographs from the 1940s.

See full summary » When Emma and her single father move to a new town, she thinks all she'll have to deal with is making new friends - until she starts developing strange powers and discovers she's part of a magical world, full of witches, Guardians and Kanays.

Soon, she's trying to master her power, before spoiled, bad witch Maddie steals them.

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Over a century ago a witch put a magical curse on their great-great ...See full summary » Follows three best friends as they navigate the highs and lows of middle school, with the help of a list of adventures that help them overcome class cliques, terrifying bullies and clueless teachers.A live-action sitcom about two 12-year-old girls who start a multi-million-dollar gaming company and take on rap superstar Double G as a business partner. See full summary » Meet the Murphys, a family with never ending bad luck.” I wanted the place to look as though I had always lived here and it hadn’t just been decorated.‘My style is a mixture of rock’n’roll and Marie Antoinette.

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