Who is lindsay yenter dating

Lindsay is substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.She's also of one of the contestants The Bachelor season 17 starring Sean Lowe.Apparently his chosen bride-to-be doesn’t mind that they’re not going to have sex until after their wedding, but “she wishes they could get married superfast!” While the physical attraction is strong, that’s not the reason Sean and his fiancée are hurrying down the aisle.Ash Lee Frazier (last week: 4) – Ash Lee has had a pretty nice run for herself, but of the women remaining she seems to be the one most likely to be left out in the dark.Sean said earlier in the season that he wants someone who is interested in going with the flow and compromising, and while she would be willing to do that under some circumstances, she also seems to be the most regimented of the women remaining. but the last time we saw her actually try to have fun with a little bit of a kissing game, it was painful to watch.3.) but they may both be playing the hunky guy to their own advantage and may not actually be marriage material. And Catherine may not be exactly what Sean wants either, since he’s eager to start a family, but on the show her own sisters couldn’t say that she was too.

While problems may not completely be exposed during this visit, this is at least an opportunity to see, as Ben Flajnik did with Kacie Boguskie, if there are any serious compatibility issues there.He was serious about finding a wife and he didn’t’ want to make the wrong decision.” Sean has admitted that he is a born-again virgin, but since he has been secretly spending time with his fiancée, he’s finding it harder and harder to stay celibate.PHOTOS: Stars Show Off Engagement Bling “Your body leads you one way, but your mind leads you another,” Sean told magazine.The usually cool-headed bachelor even pulled both Giudici, 26, and Yenter, 24, aside off-camera during their last days in Thailand to grill them with some very hard-hitting questions. They discussed faith, family and what their futures would look like." PHOTOS: The Bachelor: Where are they now?"These weren't loving chats," the source said. Lowe, who is a born-again virgin and is abstaining from sex until marriage, also memorably spent his time alone with each of the finalists in the Fantasy Suites engaged in hours-long discussions.

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